Administrative Teams

Any large engineering project has numerous administrative responsibilities and concerns that need to be addressed. As a result, administration is a large part of Formula Motorsports, with each student taking on both technical and administrative responsibilities. The main goals of the administrative teams are to train for the competition, promote the team, manage resources, and raise funds for the program.

Business Team

Decorative Picture of Business Team

The business presentation event brings together a team of engineering and business students to create a complete business plan and visual presentation for operating a company and bringing our car to market. At competition, our presentation is evaluated by a panel of judges as a part of our team's overall score. There are opportunities to develop skills such as digital design, 3D modeling, animations, financial analysis, market forecasting, industrial process design, and public speaking. In addition to the presentation event, Business & Finance Team is responsible for tracking team spending throughput the fiscal year and allocating budgets for tech teams based upon analysis of previous years' data.

Public Relations

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The public relations group goal is to promote the team to the rest of the university and Seattle community. As the public face of the team, members of the PR team attend numerous events such as the Seattle International Auto Show, Engineering Discovery Days, Paws on Science, engineering society fairs, and student activity fairs. We love to show off our cars, tell people about what we do, and let people know how they can get involved in the project as part of the team or as a sponsor. Public relations is also responsible for the team website, newsletter, and press releases, and the production various promotional materials including videos, t-shirts, and informational packets.

Race Team

Decorative Picture of Race Team

When we talk to people about our team, we are frequently asked, “but who drives the cars?” The answer, in short, is the incredibly hard-working Driver Training and Maintenance team. More commonly referred to as DTM, the team is in charge of maintaining all of the racecars, testing various components and training the drivers to push our cars to the limit.

Members on the DTM team spend every weekend fixing or racing the formula car. The time spent racing our cars not only prepares our drivers for competition, but also provides valuable test data that validates simulations, works out issues with new parts, and informs future design decisions.

Note: Spots on this team are earned through consistent dedication to the team in both technical and administrative responsibilities.


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The sponsorship team provides the backbone for the team's manufacturing needs in terms of procuring donations of money, materials, and services. We are in constant contact with both local and internationally operating companies who provide the most integral components in making this project possible. Members on the sponsorship team can expect to receive valuable experience in communicating with industry that is looked on by engineering recruiters as an important skill. In addition, successful individuals on the sponsorship team will get to know important figures within the local engineering community.

Technology Management

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There is a lot of technology that is required to fully design and validate a formula racecar. Our technology team is in charge of providing software repositories, educating team members on the best software practices (such as version control), maintaining a fleet of insanely fast CAD computers, and making sure our software licenses are up to date.