Join the Team

Join the Team

We are now accepting applications for our special projects! Contact [email protected] with any questions.


How do I apply?

Please read through this FAQ entirely, then click the button above to fill out the Team 31 prospective member application for 2019-2020.

How does UWashington Formula Motorsports work?

Each member is expected to be part of what we call an administrative team and a technical team. The five administrative teams include business, public relations, resource management, sponsorship, and technology management. The nine technical teams include, aerodynamics, chassis, composites manufacturing, drivetrain, electronics, electric powertrain (eTrain), firmware, manufacturing, and suspension. In addition to administrative and technical teams we have a new subsect of responsibilities this year dubbed ‘special groups,’ which is for individuals that want to go the extra mile.

The special groups include race team, power electronics research group, and autonomous driving (for more info see About Us > Special Groups). Each team has a lead and you will receive tasks from them; however, it is not uncommon for individuals to work across teams and help others that are shorthanded. Above the leads are the three directors: the administrative director, the operations director, and the technical director. Their jobs are to facilitate and advise the actions of the team to ensure the growth of our members and our success in competition. All together this structure comprises UWashington Formula Motorsports.

What kinds of projects are there to work on?


When should I expect to hear back from the team?

Interviews are set to start as early as August! We send ALL applicants a decision letter, be patient and we will get back to you as promptly as we can.

What should I say in my cover letter?

Your cover letter is a chance to differentiate yourself from the crowd, it’s not an extension of your resume. When writing your cover letter, consider the following:

  • You must indicate which Technical and Administrative teams you're applying for. Which Technical and Administrative team do you want to be on? Why would you be a good addition to those teams? (Please note that all members must be on both an Administrative and Technical team)
  • What can I contribute to the team that others can’t?
  • Who are you? What personal characteristics do you bring to the team?
  • How will I make sure that UWashington remains a world competitor in the global Formula SAE competition?

I’m not an engineer but I want to get involved, should I apply?

Yes! UWashington prides itself on accepting all majors for qualified applicants. This coming year we are looking to add members from a variety of majors to enhance areas we have less expertise in (business/finance, computer science, and cinematography just to name a few). Our only requirement is that you have a passion for motorsport, after that everything is a bonus.

I’m a freshman at UW and/or I don’t have much experience, should I apply?

Yes! UWashington's mission is to produce world-class engineers through a commitment to learning and innovation. We don’t expect you to know everything but want you to be eager to learn. Just be sure to outline why you think you would be an effective member of our team in your cover letter. If you really have no applicable experience, to get your foot in the door it is recommended that you apply for one of the manufacturing teams. Going that route, you will have the opportunity to become manufacturing shop certified and gain valuable experience building parts that comprise our vehicle.

I wasn’t accepted to the team, should I apply next year?

Yes! While we’d love to have a 100% acceptance rate, we simply don’t have enough spots on our roster to do so. If you are not accepted, we encourage you to build on the feedback that you receive from our administrators and apply again in subsequent years.