Formula Motorsports
Road to Germany

2017 Fundraiser

2017 marks UWashington Formula Motorsports’ 28th year of designing, building and racing some of the world’s fastest cars. However, this year is special because it marks the final year that UWFM will build a combustion car before transitioning to an electric-only team.

We are making history...

This summer, UWFM is determined to win Formula Student Lincoln in both the electric and combustion series.
After Lincoln, UWFM aims to make history by being the first ever All-American team to win the combustion series at Formula Student Germany.

... but racing isn't cheap,

Building and racing Formula SAE cars is expensive. A single set of batteries for our electric car can cost over $6000 and shipping our cars overseas can cost twice that much!
Since we are a student-organized collegiate club, UWFM relies on sponsorship and donations to cover 100% of our costs.

and that's where you come in

Help us make history by donating to help cover our annuals costs. By supporting our program, you’re doing more than supporting the next generation of engineering and business professionals. You’re supporting the UW, your community, your country, even yourself.

(Because our organization is a registered 501(c)(3), any donation made to UWFM is tax deductible.)

Help us get racing!

Donate as little or as much as you want, every penny helps!

of $25,000


What is Formula SAE?

Formula SAE is an engineering design competition for undergraduate and graduate students. The design directive is for teams is to develop and construct a single-seat race car for the non-professional weekend autocross racer with the best overall package of design, construction, performance and cost.

The competition provides participants with the opportunity to enhance their engineering design and project management skills by applying learned classroom theories in a competitive setting.

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What part of our team
would you like to support?

Select the system you would like to help fund.

  • Chassis 104% Funded Donate
  • Aerodynamics 49% Funded Donate
  • Electronics 63% Funded Donate
  • Powertrain 91% Funded Donate
  • Suspension 113% Funded Donate
  • Manufacturing 91% Funded Donate
  • Competition 41% Funded Donate

What is a Chassis?

As the main structural component of the car, the chassis must be incredibly strong to withstand the forces a car undergoes while racing. What’s more, the chassis must also be light to keep the car nimble and fast. Luckily, the Chassis Team has mastered the use of carbon fiber, a material that’s a strong as it is light.

104% Funded $-150 to Go

What are Aerodynamics?

The black magic of racecar engineering; turning air into grip. To do just that, the Aerodynamics Team designs and manufactures a front wing, rear wing, and undertray. Together, these components use the weight of the air passing over them, or downforce, to press all four tires into the track. This force gives the driver more grip, allowing the driver to corner at higher speeds without losing traction.

49% Funded $1259 to Go

What are Electronics?

The hard to see, yet incredibly powerful, electronics systems on our cars produce invaluable data and are imperative to the car’s function. The Electronics team produces a wide variety of components, from the steering wheel, to the dashboard, to the power distribution unit.

63% Funded $725 to Go

What is Manufacturing?

When it comes to constructing our cars swiftly, the manufacturing teams shine brightest. Whether it is a complex aluminum bracket or curvaceous carbon fiber enclosure, these teams manage to produce high quality parts at an alarmingly fast rate.

91% Funded $85 to Go

What is a Powertrain?

Quite simply, powertrain is the heart and muscle of the cars that makes them faster than some six-figure supercars. These systems consist of the engine and differential for our combustion car and the electronic drivetrain for our electric car. Together, these systems generate and deliver the power to the ground, with the help of uniquely modified power sources and complex drivetrain systems.

91% Funded $300 to Go

What is Suspension?

Pulling a large amounts of g-force is a point of pride for the Suspension team. Whether it be 2.6 G’s under braking or 2.2 G’s in a fast, sweeping corner, the suspension team aims to maximize performance out of the tires whilst keeping components lightweight and strong.

113% Funded $-350 to Go

What is Competition?

For UWFM, building two racecars is just the tip of a logistical and financial iceberg. After paying for shipping costs, our team must coordinate with several local companies just to get our cars and equipment through customs. What’s more, shipping is just one of several competition related costs. In fact, just registering UWFM for our U.S. competition costs nearly $5000!

41% Funded $5859 to Go



Purple Level

Every donation counts! To thank you, we will list your name alongside our other individual sponsors on our website.


Carbon Level

Congratulations on your naming rights! UWFM Carbon sponsors will receive both a team sticker as well as their name placed on one of our cars to publicly recognize their support.


Silver Level

You’re amazing! To thank you for your generous donation, our Silver level sponsors will receive a special edition team t-shirt.


Gold Level

To show you how much we appreciate your generosity, Gold level sponsors will receive a framed photo of our team and cars as well as VIP seating at our Unveiling event. (May 12th, 2017 @ UW)

Diamond Level

You are a cut above the rest. You are what keep our wheels turning and our motors running. As such, we would like to thank you by awarding you one lottery ticket to attend the Washington Racing Experience where one lucky donor will get to drive a UWFM racecar!